Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I feel a bit rusty in the writing department, though I have actually been writing in my many notepads for quite some time. I hope to share my philosophies, recommendations for gardening books, plant combinations, plants that may not be used enough, stories, photos of gardens and perhaps throw in a photo every now and again of a piece of botanical- inspired piece of sterling silver jewelry that I have made in my studio.
I welcome comments, suggestions & questions.
As I near 60, next year, I have been forced to once again review my business and how it reflects itself in my life. The times are tough for all of us. We have gone through 2 years of some percentage of business decline. In my business in this area, many of us are losing clients to those who do not know about plants and their care, but can run equipment that enable them to "sweep the dirt under the carpet" and create the illusion of proper garden maintenance; in 1/4 of the time and price. I am offended by this practice. I think that in time, homeowners will realize that they will end up spending more in the long run after their gardens have been compromised.
I would like to see the day come again when gardens are tended by hand & are planted with appropriate plants allowing room for natural growth. I am interested in Companion Planting, beneficial insects, composting, replacing lawns with meadows or edibles, integrating vegetables and herbs withing the perennial garden, vertical gardening & eliminating commercial fertilizers and pesticides from the garden. This is where my new vision is taking me; away from the "normal" way of gardening.  These "old fashioned" methods will fly further and affect far more in a positive way.
I have been spending much time studying all of these methods and attempting to understand how they can be applied to gardens that I tend for clients who may or may not be in favor of going in a different direction. People are used to commercial products which green up lawns and plants very quickly and eliminate pests. By approaching a garden organically, the process takes longer, but is much more satisfying over time.

Recommended Book: "Gardening at the Dragon's Gate" by author, Wendy Johnson
It is an important book to keep in the bookshelf for reference. It is both spiritual and technical.

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  1. Wonderful news and beautiful written! Look forward to more...cheers.