Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2012

Apparently, I am an infrequent blogger. I shall try to remedy that this year.

As this new year begins, I see opportunity on the horizon. Newness is a daily event. New buds may be unfolding early this year; the weather is so different. There are gardens to plan and plants; previously ignored; to now include. There is art; floral- inspired linoleum cuts to print on fabrics for baby clothes and more.

In my garden, I plan to fill ornamental spaces with edibles along with my designated vegetable box, pots and new areas planned for compost piles and eventual plantings.

My "material" goals this year are to purchase 2- 9 drawer Excalibur food dehydrators for myself and my daughter and son-in-law and to replace all gas powered gardening equipment with electric and/or battery powered and acquire really good quality hand tools. These go hand in hand with being a healthy gardener adding to a healthy environment. I found a great site for the dehydrator for our bounties (plus juicers and more)   www.discountjuicers.com

There are 2 products for the garden that I am going to try out. Both are available at Home Depot; either in store or  with free shipping. I will have to purchase online as my local stores (Seaside, Salinas & Watsonville) do not carry them.....Beats Peat and Mega Mulch dark brown. They are both made from the highly sustainable Coconut Coir. Beats Peat is used in place of the non-sustainable Peat Moss; mixed with planting medium. It should still have amendments added like compost or fertilizer, if you would like. It comes in a compressed block weighing 11 lbs. and expands in water to up to 3 cubic feet. Mega Mulch is typically used as a mulch to retain moisture and block weeds, instead of using bark.In water, it expands to up to 2 cubic feet. Both products cost less than $10.00.

I temporarily set my gardening books aside for need of a British DVD fix during my week off. However, I am off to the Carmel Library this week for a fresh stack of garden reading. It always inspires. I will share any spectacular reads.

I plan to incorporate meadows and edibles in landscapes this year; hoping to dissuade clients from installing or keeping lawns. In the past, I disliked succulents and the color orange. I have changed my mind.

In keeping with all things "nature", I have begun a dog sitting service called Canines at Catherine's. Clients are happy to not have to leave their dogs at boarding facilities any longer, but to have them stay and go with me around the clock. It is an endeavor which allows me to combine my adoration of dogs with my love of the garden coupled with its duties as owner of my landscape gardening business. It is the best of both worlds. Pictured, is my Sir Galahad; a White Shepherd pup (not so helpful in the garden!).

As an artist, I infrequently create hand fabricated sterling silver jewelry pieces; some with a botanical theme. Featured, is a sterling necklace depicting organic Eucalyptus leaves; clearly being eaten in their environment. The central piece is a hollowform with the leaf patterns roll printed. It is something of a show-stopper which can be worn by either a man or a woman. I am charging $375.00 for this piece. My work is sold on  atelier1450.etsy.com

I would like to end this blog and begin this year with a note of thanks to my family, friends, associates and clients who have stood by me and given support. You are all my North Star.

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