Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Return

I have not blogged for quite some time. It has always given me pause for thought when it came down to writing. I wondered if I would be arrogant in thinking that people would care about what I had to say. Would it be important enough, entertaining enough or meaningful enough?

I am thinking about what I have been doing since my last post. It is probably not so important to reminisce, as to talk about where I am, now. 
I am a grandmother to a toddler named James. I think he has the perfect parents who are loving, responsible, insightful and patient. They all bring to me great joy and promise. James is a great teacher, as children  can be!

In art, I stand on the precipice; teetering as I have for so long. My biggest wish is that I could be spontaneous with the abandon of children. I have returned to a painting that I began well over a year ago. There are many mysteries within it that I am attempting to unlock. I  created a sewing studio and have again enjoyed my foray into the world of textiles, design and embellishment. I look forward to being more active in it during the quiet months.

 I just cleaned my metals studio and am itching to get back to fabricating silver. I love patterning and forming it. It feels like revisiting an ancient life.

In business, which this blog is meant to be about,  I still experience many of the frustrations that I have previously written about. I now approach the age of 62; just numbers, but my body is feeling somewhat worn. I am considering changing my business practices in order to stay in the garden in ways which will allow for me to work within my beliefs. I am disappointed in methods used out there in the garden design and maintenance world. I am guilty, as well. I am more disappointed in people who accept those methods as good garden care. I understand that many crews can be a "bargain" and that is a draw, but it is our responsibility to treat all life with care and respect.

In earlier blogs, I voiced my concerns and shared areas of interest that I began to pursue. I have added Permaculture to that list and have been introducing the concept and its implementation into my own garden. 

It all began with the help of my dog, Galahad's best friend, Caspian. He is not a garden's best friend!

As an overview: I started with the desire to incorporate edibles, which required the removal of Vinca and dog nests! Caspian dug up herbs that I planted and replanted for several days. It was our game! My dog watched and learned!  It took a few months of weekends to re-create my front garden and I learned to wait for it to speak to me. My spine is compromised from many years of work, so my progress was spotty. I created a Lemon area; 3 Meyer Lemons, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Cucumber and the companions; Tegetes lemmonii, Lavender augustifolia, Rosemary and Scented Geraniums. I added Roses to climb and ramble and Wooly Blue Curls and more. My original plan to buy no more than 5 plants; failed! I planted the random pots that sat in the garden for 2 years including those given and willed to me by a friend who I now dedicate my garden to.  I planted Squash, Swiss Chard, Fig trees, Okra and Eggplant.

 I repaired  a little fountain

 and made certain that I planted enough to supply the bees, butterflies and birds with food, which has kept my dog, Galahad, quite busy!
Then; the daydreaming began.....
I staked off areas for terracing and planted 2 fruit trees. The rest was still sorting itself out. But the intention was beginning. I poured over books, videos, blogs and articles about Permaculture. A seed was sprouting. And it is definitely growing.

To be continued...


  1. I love where you're headed with this blog. And Caspian? Is he Marshall's dog? I was surprised by the name. The pictures of your place make me miss you more. xoxo

  2. P.S. I adore the pendant and smock!!!