Sunday, August 24, 2014

January 2013

My goodness; almost a year has gone by since I wrote my blog. And what a year it was. Through the good grace of my daughter and son-in-law I was able to end the old year and begin the new in a positive fashion. The downhill slide is turning into a gradual uphill climb. What a difference!
I wait for Spring while still enjoying the rain and colder weather. It has been a time for rest and the climate gives its permission. I am gathering and storing energy needed for the remaining months of the year.
 I fill days off making homemade broths and fermenting Cabbage and making Yogurt; necessary for my healing diet. This year is the year to change my health so that I can be and do what I dream of. I have lived reclusively, other than being with people in my business realm. I am feeling that it is almost time to re-emerge.

I am working on the balance that I was searching for last year.
I am up and emotionally ready for my work days; ready for landscape projects to open up for me. Bring them on! In addition, I am occasionally painting again and expanding my interests. I want to learn to quilt and taking that a step further, I want to dye my own fabrics with nature's colors found in the woods and in the kitchen. I see my quilts (still in the thought process) being non-traditional. I will find my way. I have so many books and resources to spark my imagination. I want to hook rugs also. I spent many years in front of a sewing machine and now, 30 years have gone by. I am slowly reintroducing myself to my Elna machine. I am not moving swiftly into these endeavors, but at least I am gearing up. It feels like I am finding the balance at last and a calmness that drives me.
I look at my garden in Winter and all of the pruning, weeding, cleaning and repairs needed to be performed. It is a privilege to take time and simply begin with anything. I do frown when I think of all of the Vinca that needs pulling up, however. I need to rethink parts of my garden as we will need to prepare for water conservation. I think; more negative space and more edibles.
There is time enough tomorrow to pull on the gardening gloves; tonight I have books to peruse!

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