Monday, November 3, 2014

Birth-Time November 3

This is my favorite time of the year. I wonder if most find that their birth-time is. I love the subtle changes here and take this time to review my own. I find it more meaningful to carry out a review and consider a plan for the year following this birthday; more than engaging in the more typical New Year's resolutions.
I think that the garden will mirror how I want this next year to look like, with my plans; many still on the drawing board.
I want to go the distance in my Permaculture garden, have goals met in my business, make time for the arts, schedule craft shows to participate in again, up my production of broths and fermented foods and eat only what I have prepared and the hardest; have a social life.
I love the serenity of my life at home, but am beginning to see that another birthday alone is perhaps; not the optimal way to spend it. I admit; I am not alone. I have my dear Galahad and the two kitties. I cannot complain!

I will write my goals on my vision/life-mapping wall today and spend time in my garden thinking about changes and additions there. I have garlic to plant today, as well. Sheets are hanging on the clothesline reminding me of the slower lifestyle I so believe in. 
 I will wait for another week's end to share my love of gardening books and methods and perhaps a continuation of how counties are dealing with water and food-growing issues.
Today, I will do little else but use my imagination and sweep out the old and make way for the new!

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