Sunday, October 26, 2014

Edibles and Flowers

I have gone back and forth over the years about what the garden should consist of. I had wanted to incorporate edibles in my garden for a long time. This year, I embraced the concept of Permaculture and continue to strive to create a food forest on my property. As I began redesigning my front garden last January, just before I became obsessed with Permaculture, I planned for and added Citrus for starters. As I thought about moving forward with edibles, I hesitated like I always do. Was the garden asking for edibles or more flowering plants?

 I thought about the importance of growing food, yet I seem to always come back to flowers as a peaceful and calming energy. I can't tell you how often I sit on my front deck quietly and simply absorb the beauty of the garden and feel its healing wash over me. I am not rethinking my attempts to grow more food; I am committed to it. However, I have come to the conclusion that my front garden should be dedicated to pleasing the flower spirits and my six senses and the bottom property should grow wild with fruits, vegetables and their natural companions. I feel relieved to have made that decision after all of these years!  I want to grow food to share and I want growing it to become a skill that I am adept at. It is a survival skill that we should all become knowledgeable about. But, a balance is the answer.

I came across a lovely blog by Rebecca Sweet from northern California, which reminded me about how and why I love the flower gardens. Healing. A garden soothes life's path.
This is her photo from her blog. Calming; isn't it?

I have the opportunity to sit either on the front deck where my view consists of trees and  garden or the back deck which gives me a view of the hills and the Oaks. I really can't see my new food forest which is still under construction unless I lean over the deck railing. But, I do have a comfortable chair below, from where I can look at my addition and dream. I am determining where to plant a wind break and know that I want a visual shelter from a neighbor which is pleasing from either side and a visual block from the underside of my post and pier house which is unattractive! I have fruit trees there with a backdrop of Leptospermum 'laevigatum' and a 'Ray Hartman' Ceanothus. I may plant about 3 more of the Leptospermum which will shelter the fruit trees somewhat and perhaps plant 3-5 'Snow White" Leptospermum to the rear of those. Springtime will be glorious!
I am dreaming about decks; one at the base of a future treehouse and the other; as a base for a miniature 'Gypsy Wagon" playhouse for the little ones. I'm thinking; power tools! I'm not too old to learn some building skills!
Lots to do before then!

All Hallow's Eve is almost upon us! I am enjoying my Pumpkins!

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