Sunday, October 12, 2014


One issue that I want to address in this post, is the subject of: trusting in your intuition.
In many areas of my life, I have not hit the nail on the head; so to speak. But in the garden and in the arts, I developed a special trust. I think that when one can feel that way in an area or areas in life, those are the things that the person should pursue. The heart's path of following intuition is generally the right one.
As one creates and takes a path in life, there certainly are things to study and learn, but do not dismiss the importance of using your intuition.

In art I may struggle with the subject or method, but always trust that I will find my way in achieving my outcome, in time. I am slow and do not have the gift of spontaneity, but I know that I will get there.

I think about my fertilizing practices and think that if people watched me, they would question me. Long ago, I realized that though I have read the "rules", I simply feel what the plants want to be supplemented with. 
When a human is feeling depleted due to an on-coming cold, they feel the need for extra vitamin C- packed foods or supplementation of Adrenal Support when the body is overly fatigued and stressed. Plants show us signs of what they need and how they are stressed. I mix concoctions in dry form or in a compost type tea for the garden. It seems haphazard, but in listening, it feels right. 

Landscape design to me, is art, especially when I am not creating elsewhere. I do draw plans by hand if I must, in order to comply with City or County. I do not like to do that because my intuition doesn't come through that way. I love gathering ideas and walking the nurseries while selecting plants. I let the images of my vision fill my head and listen to the plants as they speak to me while in the placement portion of the project. It is like puzzle pieces falling into place. It is the most satisfying process and one that I always trust in.
At home, I sit and watch the garden for as long as it takes; even months, in order to hear what it has to say. I believe in the garden spirits or Devas. I am learning more about listening and then; following my intuition.

As soon as I can have Hay delivered, I will have help distributing it all over my garden in a nice thick fluffy mat. I have described this practice already. Then, an application of Cottonseed Meal will go over it for a light feeding of Nitrogen. That, with some odds and ends will finish off most garden chores until January.

Right now, my attention goes to everything Autumnal.

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