Sunday, September 28, 2014

All who enter...

I have always considered my home to be a living breathing entity. A heart beats within it.
 I love home. I feel full with possibilities and reminders of those dear to me in my life. This is my sanctuary.

This special sanctuary extends to the garden. I did not completely understand that until I began viewing it differently; when I began to garden through new eyes. As I work with the different elements, I find that the garden is extremely sensitive to methods used to tend it and emotions carried by those who enter.
There are things to consider when work is to be done. It all requires much thought, particularly if you are bringing in people to help. Those paid to work generally think about how quickly the tasks can be accomplished and how much they will be paid, without much thought to how the tasks are executed or how they are feeling as they carry out the work. We know that our emotional state affects our day and all who we encounter. I am learning that it is important to convey one's rules to people who help out in our gardens; nothing cut unless pre-approved and care taken in traversing through it and appropriate time taken so that movements are not careless.Unless you have helpers who are familiar with your garden and your beliefs, supervision for every step of the way is a necessity. I have experienced my garden recoiling after haphazard work was done. I was in tears. It took a few weeks for the garden and myself to recover. Now I know how I will approach this issue in future, as I do need help in many areas. People simply need to be taught awareness.
We must treat our outdoor space as we do indoors. Its guests must be greeted in joy and be respectful recipients of all that nature gifts us.

I was going to mention tools later this year and may do so again. I want to remind all of us that a quality tool is money well spent. I highly recommend Hida Tools in Berkeley, CA.
For artists who enjoy woodcuts and Linoleum printmaking, they have lovely tools for carving blocks, also.

As we are in the Autumn of the year and we have certain chores to do in the garden to prepare for more restful months ahead, it is again time to consider the spine. We tend to punish it; bending, lifting, more lifting...I; personally need the weekly help and guidance of a good chiropractor. Mine also is well-versed in nutrition, which go hand- in- hand. If you, my reader, live on the Monterey Peninsula, CA, I recommend  Dr. Francine Michaels, DC on Carmel Rancho Blvd., Carmel. She listens, is thorough, and nurturing. 

A favorite gift from nature is the delightful Acorn. My property is filled with and surrounded by California Oaks, or by what I call Mother Oaks.

This is a very special Acorn. It is a handmade ceramic acorn by Sandy Kreyer; a dear friend. It resides in my garden year-round!

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