Monday, September 8, 2014


As I had already brought up the subject of Permaculture, I will recommend a priceless book about it. Many of the blogs that I follow mention it. It does not require a degree in Science to read and comprehend its pages, which is a blessing to someone like me!

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In the newly evolving area of my property that I am first devoting to this method, I have planted the bare bones, as in my fruit trees. My vision includes loads of vegetables and herbs along with companion plants and plants to draw in Bees, Butterflies, Birds and other forms of life. I plan on filling every space possible in-between my California Oaks.
This garden which began as empty space waiting to express itself; remains a challenge. It is sloped and slippery and the Gophers loved to tunnel there. The soil; less than desirable,has been amended with a manure-greenwaste mix. I am adding more straw to the planting areas and will now purchase a bale of hay to add, so that there will be a nice thick layer of mulch. This challenge enables me to look at all layers of life through new eyes.

I am also dreaming of a platform/deck around an Oak, from which to contemplate, surrounded by different varieties of Japanese Maples and more edibles. The thought absolutely thrills me! However, it will remain a dream for a while longer. I cannot spend anything more on the garden until next year. It is time to begin its savings account again!

I have other books written by Elizabeth Murray and recently ordered her newest. Its arrival was timely, as I was in dire need of some gentle guidance. 
I purchased one copy from and another from The Secret Garden in Carmel. As a bookshop manager in my past, I like to support our local businesses and independent bookstores.

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One area of personal interest to me was that of Life Mapping. I devoted a hallway wall to drawing it out and filling in, as well as beginning a wall-length vision board, not a new concept, but again; a timely one for me. Elizabeth's chapters are a delight to read and her photos and drawings warm the heart. I would love to take a workshop from her when I can. She is definitely one of our Angels on Earth. I have made personal notes for each chapter in a notebook to work from. Every section is a reminder of the bounty that we all possess. We sometimes forget to access our resources and at times; need to re-learn how.
Through  my intention of understanding these things, I am beginning to clarify what I want to do as I turn new pages in life, or as I sometimes say; when I grow up! In business, I am clear about how I want to proceed. However, I am concerned about how to reach clients who are interested in my new services: Landscape Project Management & Garden Coaching.
I am anxious to become involved in both aspects of this new gardener-client-garden relationship. 

I will leave you with the  Ampelopsis brevipedunculate 'elegans' variagated. Its common name is Porcelain Berry vine.
I have 2 of these spectacular vines left in my garden. I lost my variegated vine, like this one shown. I borrowed this copyrighted photo from Dave's Garden website and it was contributed by: gonedutch.  I have photos of mine, but they are buried.

This vine is considered to be quite invasive, but not where I live. I do cut them back approx. 10' or less, per year in January. Years ago, my 1st one had an amazing display of berries, but when I moved it, it ceased to produce. I do have it on my 2015 plant list. The leaf itself, is gorgeous!

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