Sunday, September 21, 2014

Autumn Solstice

The garden and her spirits ground me. This is where I belong; eyes upon the earth and my hands; in it. This is when my season begins, more than any other. Autumn Solstice or Equinox, is upon us and tonight; Mabon.
Tonight, I bless my surroundings and ask for protection for it and all its inhabitants. I proclaim all that I am grateful for and seek guidance for the stewardship of this land and other, for my way of life and bow my head in gratitude for the family I have. 
My centerpiece is filled with harvest; Quince and Grapes, Clementines, Sweet Potatoes, Raven feathers, Acorns and Apples.

I will raise my glass of Cider and breath in deep appreciation as I ask to mirror the balance that this Second Harvest and Equinox bring; equal measures of the light of day and the darkness in night.
I await the sunset to light candles and watch the magic begin.

On this evening, I dedicate my garden to Gloria. She was one of our Angels on Earth. How I wish I had understood to be a better friend when she was still amongst us. I put work before friendships and have lost almost everyone. I think of her every day that I am in the garden, so that is almost every day. I see her everywhere. She was truly glorious and devic.

 It is time to say goodnight to the Green Man who will re-emerge in Spring. May he have a good rest; he will have a lot to attend to!

Have a thoughtful Solstice September 22

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