Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mid October

A topic that I have been meaning to address is a California Act called California Urban Agriculture Zones Act.

This bill was authored by San Francisco's Philip Y. Ting, in 2013.
The law allows municipalities lower property taxes on parcels of 3 acres or less if dedicated to growing food for at least 5 years. Many counties, including San Diego and cities such as San Francisco are participating. Lots that served no purpose otherwise, are now converted to vibrant small farms. However, there is a stipulation; no dwellings can be on those lots. It is designed to inhibit homeowners from seeking a tax break by growing food in their yards.
This makes no sense to me. The whole point to the act is to grow food for food security in a disaster and to gain access to healthy food. I see no difference if there is a dwelling on that parcel or not. In many areas of the USA, it is illegal to grow food in a front yard; it is considered an eyesore! We need to encourage food growth on all properties; even rentals. There are a variety of ways to grow more in less space. There are many books to guide the potential small farmer. I called Monterey County to ask about this act and of course, not only had they never heard of it, I was told that it was my responsibility to contact the author of the bill and that no; Monterey County was not a participant; big surprise. This is something that I think we should be looking into.

My daughter gave me this beautiful book for Mother's Day. What a wonderful way to spend ones' life; that which is depicted in this book. Whenever our weather cools enough to anticipate a long afternoon in front of the fire, this would be a lovely read for you; my readers. It is about Homesteading in harmony with nature.

I confess that I look toward Autumn all year, and now that it is here, I find myself waiting for Winter. I long for a fire in the hearth, many books to read, needlework, painting and napping. I am tired from the year past. I long for the season of rest. But, how can I dismiss my precious Fall with its Pumpkins and golden leaves?
As I was so close to Borchard Farms, in Salinas, two weeks ago, I treated myself, though I wish I had had the company of my little family. I could have just screeched when I saw all those Pumpkins and gourds laid out. My grandson would have been in awe of the giant giant Pumpkins!

Pumpkin Love

I am hoping that I can purchase and arrange for the delivery of my Alfalfa Hay this week. I am crossing fingers and toes that I can have a day off the week afterward to have help and spread it thickly over my garden. I do dwell on this, but it is very important in the garden's future health. I can hear the front garden crying out for mulch. Its poor soil; using the term loosely, is depleted and the water does not penetrate. 
Afterward, I can finally turn my attentions to the arts as the restful months approach.

These Agave, are what my life has been about lately. I never appreciated them until now. They really are one of nature's beauties. What I once thought of as ordinary, has become extraordinary. Also, the Monterey Cypress macrocarpa, which I overlooked as somewhat of a nuisance, has taken on a new personality. They are indeed majestic in shape and form, though can be a bit haughty!

This wasn't a bit fun watching men and crane unload these formidable trees. I wanted them placed in a perfect row. I won't repeat what was said to me!

What would be a blog without yet another photo of my beautiful Galahad and my favorite orange orbs!.

Happy Autumn!

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